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Headlight protections

Available parts

One shield please !

The headlight protectior is kind of a must-have in the off-road equipment because it’s one of the most cost-effective ! Indeed, headlight is very exposed to gravel and stone projection, and maybe the most expensive fairing part in case of breakage. 

picto tournevis et clé à molette

Manufacturing & design

These protectors are made with metal wire of  5 mm diameter for the contour and a twisted mesh of 1,5 mm diameter for the grid.

They are coated with matt black epoxy paint and are made to be mounted from original screw fixing points (except for a few models which will require drilling).

A decent space is kept between headlight and protector to maintain easy cleaning.

headlight protection for 660 ténéré
headlight protection for 1200 GS
headlight protection for africa twin 750

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