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Check your voltage

The regulator-rectifier of a motorbike can be considered as a magnet, whose role is to stabilize voltage in order to avoid battery overcharge or/and electronic equipment damages.

Regulators are intended for use with lead-acid batteries, we recommand that Lithium batteries should be only used with alternator equiped bikes.

It’s also highly recommanded to equip your bike with a voltmeter in order to easily check that voltage remains on the regular 13,5v – 15v range with sustained engine speed.

If you notice voltage higher than expected, or big variations that can’t be stabilized, then you should perhaps think about regulator replacement.

MOSFET regulators

The MOSFET technology generates much less heat than standard regulators using diode bridge system. This higher dissipation power offers a more reliable product with a more stabilized voltage.

MOSFET regulator is universal and can be mounted on every bike with a battery and three-phase voltage (you should have three yellow cables coming to your current regulator).

If your regulator has two greens and reds output cables, then green’s should be connected together to the regulator negative pole and red’s to positive pole. The possibly existing black cable (+ after contact) on 80’s & 90’s bikes will be just ignored because the MOSFET is directly linked to the battery.

We are selling several kits, with or without connectings, set or to be set… you choose whatever you need ! 

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