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A motorcycle’s regulator-rectifier is nothing more than a magnet whose role will be to fix the current voltage of the motorcycle in order to avoid overcharging the battery and damaging your electrical devices.

The regulators are designed to operate with lead batteries, the use of a lithium battery is rather recommended for machines equipped with an alternator.

It is important to check the voltage using a voltmeter, which must be between 13.5 and 15 V depending on the motorcycle model at sustained engine speed. If you notice an abnormally high voltage, or values that change frantically, then it may be time to think about changing your regulator.

MOSFET Regulators

This technology offers the advantage of heating less than the original one (based on diode bridges), which ensures better resistance over time thanks to a higher dissipation power. In addition, it also delivers a more stable current.

The MOSFET regulator is universal and will be mounted on any motorcycle equipped with a battery and having a three-phase current (the famous three yellow wires).

If your regulator has two green and red wires at the output, it will suffice to connect the two green wires (ground) to the negative terminal of the regulator, and the two red wires (the +) to the positive terminal. The possible black wire (+ after ignition) present on the motorcycles of the 80s and 90s can be isolated because useless on this type of regulator connected directly to the battery.

We offer you different kits with or without wiring, already crimped or to be assembled… it’s up to you!

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