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Large footpegs

Stand up on your footpegs !

Off-road motorcycle induced a specific way of driving : a standing drive ! This position let the pilote having much more control of his bike by absorbing shocks with his legs rather than being shaked like a cocktail and risking a fall. Adapt your bike with adapted footpegs will definitely bring more comfort for a safer and more performing drive.

The main advantage of wider footpegs is to offer a bigger bearing surface for improved grip : particularly usefull to avoid slipping in muddy environnement, and globally less tiring at the end o the day thanks to an improved stability.

We are proposing adapted off-road footpegs, generic per bike manufacturer  or specific per bike model.

Manufacturing & design

Our footpegs are made of steel for a foolproof resistance, with an epoxy coating in dark grey or black depending on the selected model.

They are plug and play on original mounting location without any modification.

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