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Phone & tablet holders

The perfect navigation tool ?

Easy to use and economic navigation apps have become very popular among navigation solutions for outdoor activities compared to expensive dedicated GPS.

Specific softwares like Osmand, ViewRanger etc… will let you explore GPX tracks even offline with many free off-road maps.

Prefer a dedicated phone like reinforced models with waterproof and shock-resistant protection in order to keep operational communication material in case needed.

We are providing tailored phone and tablet holders (for those who prefer big screens and better viewability) that will easily mount on navigation bases we are also selling, and will obviously take place on our rally fairing kits.


  • 3 mm aluminium plate with two polyethylene plots (PEHD) that will squeeze your material for a perfect retention with our clamping screws.
  • Double stroke lenght drilling for horizontal or vertical position and wire passage.

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