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Touring windscreens

Make you long trips more comfortable

Dedicated to bikers who enjoy eating kilometers, or tallest who are just eating midges without a good wind protection, our windshlieds will bring much more driving pleasure and prevent from headache !

All our windsreens are made from PMMA with UV’s protection for high durability, and a 4 mm thickness. This transparent thermoplastic polymer is also know as the registered brand Plexiglas.

pictogramme curseur

Several sizes available

We generaly propose two sizes, depending on your bike model, in order to suit everyone need.

transparent high windscreen
soft tinted high windscreen
tinted high windscreen

Three colours available

Lastly, you can chose the colour that will definitely fit your favorite bike’s style : transparent for purists, light smoked for wavering people, and dark smoked for a total badass look !

Available parts


        Need some screws ?

        For those who would have old and ruined screws, we are also selling dedicated windscreen screws you can buy one by one to make sure you spend only what you need.

        Windscreen screw


        Availability : in stock

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