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Radiator guards

Protect your radiator fins !

Radiator(s) is a very important part of your favorite bike by ensuring an effective engine cooling. It’s even more important during slow off-road session : if you have already been stuck in a muddy climbing trail you exactly know what we are talking about here !

If you want to keep radiator fins in a good shape, you need to equip some protection that will preserve them from rocks damages for example.

Our protection guards are directly replacing original poor protection (thin metallic protection or fragile plastic) without modification and will effectively improve your radiators longevity and effectiveness during your off road sessions.

radiator guard kawasaki 500 KLE
radiator guard  kmt 525 EXC
radiator guard yamaha 660 XTR

Choose your thickness

We are offering two variants of our radiator protections :

  • a 2 mm thickness aluminium that will bring an improved protection and will be a perfect solution to replace an original broken part (or to simply add a racing look !) ;
  • a reinforced version using 3 mm aluminium plate for a more agressive off-road use in order to avoid distorsion during big rocks impacts.

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